Ray Pasquin - Author

Operation D

Mystery and Intrigue Fiction: Edited by R.D. Foster, Senior Editor and VicToria Freudiger,

Editorial Director. Cover Design by Pamela Trush of Delaney-Designs.


“Operation D brings to the reader an incredible story, and a piece of every intriguing adventure that one can think of in today's world. James Bond will have nothing on Pasquin’s action hero by the time this book hits the shelves!“





The second of the Christopher Seven spy novels, Ray Pasquin’s exciting next novel takes the reader into the violent realm of the European Mafia and its chilling, shadowy ‘hit squads’.


"Set in the luxurious haunts of the French Riviera, Pasquin’s secret agent protagonist, the suave, handsome Christopher Seven, proves once again that he’s ready for the big screen!"



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